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Reading is synonymous to breathing for me, I usually have my head in book, and if its not, I'm probably regretting not having my head in a book.

Tease Me

Tease Me - Olivia Cunning Boy Oh Boy, I have missed these guys, I haven't picked up a OC book in almost a year, and yet still I picked up this one and fell right back into it, I really like the worlds that she creates, the flawed characters that she make me fall in love with. Now Adam and Madison's relationship was not one that I was on board with in the beginning, I mean it crosses some serious ethical and professional lines, but at the same time, when I read about these two, I understand the attraction. I believe that this book made me just support these two on an even deeper level. I think that Adam is one of those really troubled kids who grows into a really troubled adult, but the difference is he has so many people around him who are willing to help in anyway possible, but he doesn't know how to open up to them. That is probably why Madison is so perfect for him, she knows the dark side, and she have choosen to love him inspite of it, and she is very patient with him, (though, I hated her towards the end) but I guess she is human too, and her feelings get hurt and she gets scared it just came as a surprise to both of us.


Insider - Olivia Cunning What a beginning, I have to say that at about the 15% mark I was a bit underwhelmed, in fact I was kinda disappointed, I mean I know these books are erotica, but a virgin giving it up after an hour? Really? And she hadn't even seen them perform yet! But I stuck it out and I was glad I did. I loved both these main characters while Logan was every bit the quintessential rocker, a player, unashamed, and very open sexually, I liked his sensitive side, I liked that he was open about his shitty relationship with his family, and that he was willing to give this sweet girl a chance, how guillty it would feel when he hurt her, and how possessive he was of her. I think that they had a great relationship, though it was super fast! Toni was so different from all the ladies we've met in this rock star world so far, very very reserved and sheltered, but also very ready for something new and different, I think for me that was the best part about her, she didn't judge, she spoke her mind and she was willing to fail, pick herself up and try again. I can't believe all the shit that went down. I loved how the story was overlayed and I completely understand why why this series could not start with Dare (though he is already my fave... but Max is starting to grow on me). I also love the overlap with the sinners books, and Reagan, I can't wait for her book because I already know its going to blow my mind. Plus more Trey, and I do love me some Trey Mills.

Laid Out (Worth the Fight)

Laid Out (Worth the Fight) - Sidney Halston I liked this book, but the truth was I wanted to love it, and I just couldn't. I absolutely hated the back and forth between these two, it was like just say you love each other already!!!!!! Of course there were serious issues with certain things like the fact that Violet used to be married to Cain's best friend, and how that could lead to a disaster but they spent so much time trying to not jump each other, and when they finally did it felt anticlimatic. I will say that the storyline has great potential I would give this author another try.

Captive Prince: Volume One

Captive Prince: Volume One - C.S. Pacat, S.U. Pacat I FREAKING LOVE THIS WORLD! I don't know where its all going but I know I need to be there! Great start!

Judgement in Death (In Death #11)

Judgement in Death (In Death #11) - J.D. Robb Another fanstastic book in the series, this one really had me i didnt know who to trust (except for Eve, Roarke and Peabody of course). I think this was especially hard because it was cops dying, when made it harder for Eve, still loved every moment. I can't wait for the next one.

Color of Forgiveness

Color of Forgiveness - Madeleine Beckett I have to say that as long as you finish the first book, you will immediately jump into this one. Now that said, while the main plot of this book is based on something I don't really like in books, I have to say that it worked for these two. The author did a wonderful job of really allowing us to see the growth and development of Dylan, and how Myra continues to support him as he deals with his issues that have turned him into a dick. I think what I love about Dylan the most is the fact that he really really tries, he messes up a lot but its always with the best of intentions. Learning his secret broke my heart, I could not believe how much he had to endure. But Dylan comes out of this so much stronger, and that is the best part of this entire series, the fact that even the most messed up can have a happy ending.

Color of Loneliness

Color of Loneliness - Madeleine Beckett This was not the most original story, in fact it reminds me very much of one of my favorite books from last year (though this was published first so I'm not accusing anyone of anything) now I have to say that I loved Myra as a leading lady. I think more than anything the author did an incredible job of building this relationship. She has these two characters that really compliment each other, now that said Dylan...
Let me be honest, I don't think I could be with a guy like Dylan, but for 4 days, I could not get him out of head. He consumed all of my idle thoughts, first, why was he such a dick, and then, why on earth would this happen to this man? So much has happened to make him who he is, and when you learn what that is the love that flows out for him is unbelievable.
Another character that I loved was Suzie who is Myra's best friend, I think she hands down gets the award for the best best friend ever! I don't think that this book would be as memorable without her. The way she supports Myra is so beautiful, and fulfilling. I think that this is just a hidden gem. I regret I waited so long to read it.

Beautifully Forgotten (Beautifully Damaged series)

Beautifully Forgotten (Beautifully Damaged series) - L.A. Fiore I love this series!!!!!!!!!!

I think that there is something so special about this group. But more than that I think for me it was essentially the way this story is written. Ms. Fiore really knows how to intertwine her cast, in ways that I never saw coming. And I also think she writes such mature characters, in that people are able to move passed the past, and can really concentrate on the opportunities that they have at hand.

I have to say that I read the original story for Beautifully Damaged, so it took me a while to understand this story, but once I got everything understood, I think that the edits made the story more realistic. One lesson this book really teaches is that everyone has a good and bad side (except Heidi she was just a bitch) and we can't judge people based on an incident, or on a particular period of their lives. We also learn that everyone has secrets and when I say everyone I mean everyone.

But at the heart of this story are people who life has not always been kind to, but who have found a way to make it through, and more than that they have found people who can help them through the hard times. I loved this book, and I regret I took so long to pick it up. I hope there are more come cause Kyle needs a girl Ms. Fiore, I want you to undo that placental rupture, or make a miracle happen for Trace and Ember cause the world needs another Trace Montgomery

Heavy Issues

Heavy Issues - Elle Aycart This was a fun read. Cute story really sweet guy.


Exposed - Tracy Wolff Well that was anticlimactic.....

Witness in Death (In Death 10)

Witness in Death (In Death 10) - J D Robb Another amazing book in this series, I love every moment I spend with this cast. Roarke and Eve are not officially my fave couple in the contemporary literature world. They are just so real, in all their imperfections and flaws, and I love that they still stumble in their relationship, and even the amazing Roarke still stumbles. They make this series so damn additive.

I also love how the secondary characters are taking on their own life in this book. Peabody is becoming just as awesome as Eve, and I love that her love life is this complicated, and fun. I also like that Eve is opening up so much to the people around her, her character development is great, its clear the the author has planned this is series with the utmost care.

I listened to the audiobook, and I am addicted to these audiobooks!

The Unleashing

The Unleashing - Shelly Laurenston DNF - Maybe I';ll come back....

Impossible Promise

Impossible Promise - Sybil Bartel Can't wait for the next one

I really enjoyed this book, its one with a situation that I don't usually like (no spoilers) but I was so intrigued these are some seriously likable characters. I'm very excited about the next, so much happened its hard to put it down.

The Untouchables

The Untouchables - J.J. McAvoy review to come

Time Served

Time Served - Julianna Keyes I liked the premise of this book way more than the actual book for me it was not anywhere close to as good as it could be. I have to say that while I liked the characters they were very forgettable as well.


Prisoner - Annika Martin, Skye Warren Wow

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