Tease Me

Tease Me - Olivia Cunning Boy Oh Boy, I have missed these guys, I haven't picked up a OC book in almost a year, and yet still I picked up this one and fell right back into it, I really like the worlds that she creates, the flawed characters that she make me fall in love with. Now Adam and Madison's relationship was not one that I was on board with in the beginning, I mean it crosses some serious ethical and professional lines, but at the same time, when I read about these two, I understand the attraction. I believe that this book made me just support these two on an even deeper level. I think that Adam is one of those really troubled kids who grows into a really troubled adult, but the difference is he has so many people around him who are willing to help in anyway possible, but he doesn't know how to open up to them. That is probably why Madison is so perfect for him, she knows the dark side, and she have choosen to love him inspite of it, and she is very patient with him, (though, I hated her towards the end) but I guess she is human too, and her feelings get hurt and she gets scared it just came as a surprise to both of us.