Insider - Olivia Cunning What a beginning, I have to say that at about the 15% mark I was a bit underwhelmed, in fact I was kinda disappointed, I mean I know these books are erotica, but a virgin giving it up after an hour? Really? And she hadn't even seen them perform yet! But I stuck it out and I was glad I did. I loved both these main characters while Logan was every bit the quintessential rocker, a player, unashamed, and very open sexually, I liked his sensitive side, I liked that he was open about his shitty relationship with his family, and that he was willing to give this sweet girl a chance, how guillty it would feel when he hurt her, and how possessive he was of her. I think that they had a great relationship, though it was super fast! Toni was so different from all the ladies we've met in this rock star world so far, very very reserved and sheltered, but also very ready for something new and different, I think for me that was the best part about her, she didn't judge, she spoke her mind and she was willing to fail, pick herself up and try again. I can't believe all the shit that went down. I loved how the story was overlayed and I completely understand why why this series could not start with Dare (though he is already my fave... but Max is starting to grow on me). I also love the overlap with the sinners books, and Reagan, I can't wait for her book because I already know its going to blow my mind. Plus more Trey, and I do love me some Trey Mills.