Witness in Death (In Death 10)

Witness in Death (In Death 10) - J D Robb Another amazing book in this series, I love every moment I spend with this cast. Roarke and Eve are not officially my fave couple in the contemporary literature world. They are just so real, in all their imperfections and flaws, and I love that they still stumble in their relationship, and even the amazing Roarke still stumbles. They make this series so damn additive.

I also love how the secondary characters are taking on their own life in this book. Peabody is becoming just as awesome as Eve, and I love that her love life is this complicated, and fun. I also like that Eve is opening up so much to the people around her, her character development is great, its clear the the author has planned this is series with the utmost care.

I listened to the audiobook, and I am addicted to these audiobooks!