Color of Forgiveness

Color of Forgiveness - Madeleine Beckett I have to say that as long as you finish the first book, you will immediately jump into this one. Now that said, while the main plot of this book is based on something I don't really like in books, I have to say that it worked for these two. The author did a wonderful job of really allowing us to see the growth and development of Dylan, and how Myra continues to support him as he deals with his issues that have turned him into a dick. I think what I love about Dylan the most is the fact that he really really tries, he messes up a lot but its always with the best of intentions. Learning his secret broke my heart, I could not believe how much he had to endure. But Dylan comes out of this so much stronger, and that is the best part of this entire series, the fact that even the most messed up can have a happy ending.