Beautifully Forgotten (Beautifully Damaged series)

Beautifully Forgotten (Beautifully Damaged series) - L.A. Fiore I love this series!!!!!!!!!!

I think that there is something so special about this group. But more than that I think for me it was essentially the way this story is written. Ms. Fiore really knows how to intertwine her cast, in ways that I never saw coming. And I also think she writes such mature characters, in that people are able to move passed the past, and can really concentrate on the opportunities that they have at hand.

I have to say that I read the original story for Beautifully Damaged, so it took me a while to understand this story, but once I got everything understood, I think that the edits made the story more realistic. One lesson this book really teaches is that everyone has a good and bad side (except Heidi she was just a bitch) and we can't judge people based on an incident, or on a particular period of their lives. We also learn that everyone has secrets and when I say everyone I mean everyone.

But at the heart of this story are people who life has not always been kind to, but who have found a way to make it through, and more than that they have found people who can help them through the hard times. I loved this book, and I regret I took so long to pick it up. I hope there are more come cause Kyle needs a girl Ms. Fiore, I want you to undo that placental rupture, or make a miracle happen for Trace and Ember cause the world needs another Trace Montgomery