The Game too good to be played by us normals

Game (Audio) - Barry Lyga, Charlie Thurston
OMFG! I hate myself for not jumping into this book the day the it was releases. If I liked I Hunt Killers I want to marry and spend the rest of my life with Game. It was freaking awesome.

Every Part, Every Chapter, Every Paragraph, Every sentence, Every Word, Every Punctuation Mark, absolute perfection. And I think the audio made the experience even better. I loved this book (if didn't already notice). I think that this what a great series is made of, these characters who have blurred lines when it comes to good and bad. These places, that you can envision to the point that you can taste what they are tasting, smell what they are smelling, and best (or worst depending on the scene) you can feel what your characters are feeling.

Jazz Dent is a phenomenal lead character, he is funny, smart as hell, and most of all conflicted. Conflicted about the thoughts he has and person he was raised to be, and the person he wants to be. Jasper holds in his hands the potential to be the world's nest greatest serial killers, he has been taught from a child all the rules, he has also learned from Billy's mistakes and now though he is called to hunt killers, in order to find them it appears that he might have to become one of them. I think that this book is written so well, the moments when Jazz can still hear Billy teaching him, or just giving him practical advice are so well done, and again in the audiobook it made so clear, I actually got very scared a few times.

Then there is Connie, Jazz's beautiful and typical teenage girlfriend, who wants more than anything to help Jazz understand that he is so much better than this father, that he has so much to offer the world, and most of all that he is normal. But Connie actually spends most of her time in the book playing a completely different game from the one that Jazz is currently playing, and unlike Jazz we know that Connie has not be tutored in how to beat this game, and therefore the odds are dangerously against her.

And of course the awesome, bruised and battered Howie, who more and more I'm realizing really is Jazz's conscience. It is made clear in this book as the two of them are separate for so much time, how much Jazz depends on Howie to pull him back when things get dark, when he can't control the thoughts or the voice of his dad. The truth is Howie being to fragile, and having Jazz as a best friends works more to Jazz's advantage than Howie's. Also Howie's love interest in this book was just so.... out there but I loved it!

The Hat/Dog killer mystery was so much fun, it was high paced, and the way it unfolds is just so seamless. One reason I'm glad I wanted to read this book honestly is because I don't know what I would've done if I had to wait after that last sentence. Yes something completely new is revealed in the last freaking sentence of his book! Something beyond words awesome