Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West

Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West - Gregory Maguire Ok so I finally finished wicked and i think ive just found one of my all time favorite literary women. Elphaba was such a complex, depressed and strong willed character. She is by definition a survivor from birth she was different and not only did she look different but she was always treated differently. Being born green is not something that would be easy on anyone but when your own mother cant hold you thats not going to be an easy life. Elohie was first accepted by children strangely enough which speaks to the transient and impressionable minds of children yes of course at first the children were afraid but soon she became their companion and was treated as such. I really enjoyed the time spent in the Shiz University and i think that the fact that elphie was treated more equally there (though she got off to a rough start) is a significant pat of the story as well it is in college that many young people are able to find acceptance and companionship for the people that they truly are. Now having said this i do want to point out that there were several things that i didnt understand and maybe as i continue to read from this series i will begin to understand more but for now that strange thing that happened at the philosophy club what was the significance? Also, how can elphie have had a child and not be aware of it? If the wizard knew so much how could he not know about his own daughter? I did enjoy the philosophical debate about the nature if evil in the last section, and of course i knew that this story was not going to have a happy ending but i think it had the ending that elphie deserved i think that from the time feiryo died and then his family was kidnapped, elphie became a prisoner to her own guilt for the affair and she could never be free of that guilt and so her death and the wizard's demise were exactly what she wanted and needed to happen. Overall a story was powerful and fun, cant wait to see the show.