Beautiful Ruins: A Novel

Beautiful Ruins: A Novel - Jess Walter This book had so many characters, so many time periods, so many places, but at its heart it was a story of all of us, of our dreams, and how important it is that we allow those dreams to adapt over time. There is a lot to be said but in the end it was the dick-head Michael Deane who said it the best

We love who we love. We want what we want."

So many characters but I don't want to spoil it for anyone because this book had some very unexpected turns. At the heart of hte book was two main characters, Pasquale Turssi and Dee Morray, two people in their early twenties who both want more. Pasquale born in a tiny Italian fishing village the sheltered last son of two parents who lost their older two sons and so hid their last for safety. He was so sweet, so good, and just the hero of this entire story. This young man who wanted to be with this American actress who came o stay at his hotel by accident. But the truth was so much than that. And Dee Morray, a young actress who had just been given the opportunity of a life time to be the maiden to a young Cleopatra played by Elizabeth Taylor, her big break finally coming. And then she falls ill, with cancer nonetheless and decides before she seeks further treatment to wait for her lover to come visit her, she wants to be remembered without cancer first. And so these circumstances given birth to a beautiful story, about the stories we wan to tell about ourselves, and the actual ones that we star in every day. So many beautiful quotes, and even more beautiful scenery. Jess Walters is a wonderful writer, this book is just so well crafted, and unique int he way it ties together distant past, future past and present. I think that in these pages anyone who picks up this book will find a character or several characters to identify with, and I will also like to say that the end is perfect, it is exactly what all the characters deserved, stick with it.

Great Book!