Rock Chick Reckoning

Rock Chick Reckoning - Kristen Ashley So for sure Mace's story broke my heart, he has always been so quiet, that before reading this one I wasn't sure that i wanted to even read this books, but i was not disappointed. So firstly, Stella is a rock star, and she is so sweet and I love that she gave Mace a second chance (prolly because he saved her life but still...she didnt have to), i prolly think that I also liked her cause she had a dog I know its weird but it is one of the reasons that i enjoyed her story so much. Also, I enjoyed that parts of the book were broken up, it made the story a lil more exciting, and I understand that the author had to do so because of the personality of Mace because he is so quiet. I do wish that maybe we could've heard from Mace's dick of a dad because he made some random decisions in the book, I kinda wanted to know why. I also enjoyed this book, cause I got to hear from the other Rock Chicks, and some of them i've missed so it was nice. And my Luke was there as well, and I really enjoyed him especially cause he hasn't changed one bit, even with Ava in his life. Now, I do have a complaint, which i'm not sure is actually a complaint, because maybe other people enjoyed it, but I didn't like the prologue, it's kinda making me not want to read the last two book, but I will cause I can't stay away from the rock chicks and hot bunch for long.