On Dublin Street

On Dublin Street - Samantha Young This was a fantastic story. It felt like Samantha Young was just channeling a true story through here. Joss was a fantastic lead, though i didn't always agree with her decisions, I always understood why she made them. She was quite the heroine in this story. I really liked Ellie as well, she was fun, funny, smart and a hopeless romantic, and yet still she never felt like a fictional character, she always felt very real to me, like someone you could simply hang out with, which might be why it was so easy for Joss to open up to her in the beginning. Now Joss was a burdened soul, having lost so much at such a young age, it as understandable that she was afraid to make certain attachments in life, but I also thought she was a strong person especially when she realized that being that way was hindering her from living the kind of life she wanted to live. So she reached out for help, which was exactly what she needed and though she hid it from those close to her it was clear that seeing a therapist was helping her. Now Braden, Braden, braden, that was a man, he was so sweet, and caring, and loving. Just the relationship that he had with Ellie was so admirable, it was so clear that he loved his sister more than anything, and their relationship was so close and relaxed, i really enjoyed it. The book was very well written, the characters very organic, the plot heartbreaking at times, but still it shows that even the worse of situations can be overcame with help from those who we love and who love us back. For a first go at Adult Fiction I believe that Samantha Young may have found her next calling as a writer. Looking forward to reading her next book.