Mystery Man

Mystery Man - Kristen Ashley Hawk Hawk Hawk, who was last seen in the Rock Chicks franchise, so nice to meet you. Now this was a book on which the premise was very very strange, a woman has been having 'relations' with a man for a year and a half and doesn't even know his name, he just sneaks into her room late at night, and makes her feel all kinds of good, and leaves. What a way to start. So I really enjoyed this book, I love Hawk I loved that he was a no nonsense straight shooter, and though he never told her his name (btw she never asked, and he sure as hell knew everything there was to know about her) he was definitely in touch and when she gets in some serious trouble thanks to her wild, selfish horrible lil sister (why do we have those? Lol j/k) he steps in and is ready to be more than a mystery man. But of course, Gwen as with most women has been burned and s unwilling to get more burned soon, she is very apprehensive, and she also gets two other offers from two very attractive and protective men. So as the web is been weaved together, it gets more nad more complicated for all involved, but Hawk stands out in my mind, he has also been burned but he seems past it and his biggest problem is that Gwen does ever listen (so true she is very stubborn it pissed me off at times) and this of course leads to some very awkward and exciting moments. The story was great, and bonus lee adn the other boys of the hot bunch make a significant appearance yum! and hawk is kind adn sweet and very patient which is some of the best things in a guy. So overall loved the book can't wait to read the next one in the series.