For You

For You - Kristen Ashley Oh my, Kristen Ashley has done it again, another great book to start off a series. Now the first thing I have to say is that this book is a lil bit darker than her previous ones (or at least the two series I've read which are Rock Chicks and Colorado Mountains) but still, it was an overall great read. The emotions that I experienced while reading this book was one a wide range, because there were times (probably for the first half) when I was just sad, and upset that this story wasn't advancing, and that the two main characters were both being dicks. But this book also once again had some really great supporting characters who i loved, and were realistic and made some of the heavy moments a lil bit lighter. Now I must say it took me a while to warm up to the female lead who was February Owens, and mostly because like the rest of the people in the town where was raised and now lives, I thought she was just a wild child slut type who let a great man go for no good reason, and even once she explains why she broke up with the man of her (and my) dreams, I just started to think that she was an immature slut, and then once she clarified that she wasn't a slut, I just thought that she was immature, and that's not a great adjective to have when you're 42. But Alexander Colton, definitely made this book worth reading, he is super sweet, loyal, honest, incredibly optimistic, and just an all around good guy. And tho I think KA tried to make it look like he had flaws, in my opinion Feb never deserved to have another chance with Colt cause he was way too good. But I guess we can't choose who we love. I did like that the book had more than one point of view, it makes understanding the entire story a lil bit easier. I also enjoyed and was moved by the complexity of the villain in this story, like a few of those in the Colorado Mountains series, they are not straight out bad guys, and giving them more dimension makes the story come to life a lil bit more. This was definitely a book that was filled with tragedy and for a while I thought that there was not going to be any good coming, but there were a few bright spots. I think that KA did a great job of showing that missed opportunities should not be allowed to dwell in our lives, and also that every choice we make has consequences that can rob of us some of those opportunities as well. Looking forward to the next book in the series.