Star Crossed

Star Crossed - Kele Moon There are always books that surprise me with how good they are, because my expectations were so low, but this book did not disappoint. It was fantastic! I loved the entire story, even if it was more emotional than the last one. It was just right. Romeo and Juliet, this book was part retelling, part sequel, and a whole lot of sexy times! I think from the get go it was clear that the relationship with these two was gonna be hot and heavy. When a book starts with hot phone sex, just know that it is not going to get any easier. But I loved every minute I spent with the entire group.

Juliet Conner is a former MMA Olympian, she is tough, and beautiful, and cursed. She has never seen an actual loving relationship last for anyone who has the last name Conner, and so when she has a one night stand with the man who saved the woman she considers her sister-in-law, she thinks nothing more of the incident. Until Romeo Wellings decides that he wants to come to her small town of Garnet to train, then all those feelings that she's been denying herself for so long come back up, and she doesn't think that she's ready for her own tragic love story. But in Romeo she find everything and more that she was looking for in a man, someone who is caring, loving, fun, and hilarious. But she knows that he's keeping secrets from her, because as much fun as they have together it is still clear that he's holding back large parts of himself from her. Then there's the fact that she knows that he is a former convicted criminal and her brother is the town sheriff.

Romeo Wellings has never been dealt a good hand in life, the outside child, of an outside family of a New York mafia boss. His mother died when he was 14 leaving him to raise his two younger brothers, one of whom is a certified genius, and from there it has been literally a fight for his lives. Now, he is an established cage fighter, with both his brothers getting deeper and deeper into the family business, Romeo wants them all free of this horrible inheritance. When he meets Juliet he see a life without all the baggage that he has been carrying around for so long. He realizes that he can fall in love, and be happy, as long as he has her. But he knows that he can't just walk away from his family either.

I loved this book so much. I loved how for such a long time, the two families were functioning separately, and so we got to know both of the main characters' families really well, the dynamics always felt so sweet and real, all the fighting, and even when they were upset with each other, it felt like a real family. I liked the way the story was told as well, I think Ms. Moon does a good job of transitioning through the various POVs.

I highly recommend this book even if like me you didn't particularly enjoy the first book, give this one a try is was way better. I would love to get more of all of these characters. I think if Shakespeare had met this Romeo and Juliet, there was no way he would've killed them.