Knight - Kristen Ashley So i figured people would either hate or love this and i LOVED it, in Knight (most awesome name i've encountered in the KA universe) i found a really really domineering, thoughtful, caring, sweet (somewhere in there) guy, who is not perfect, who has all sorts of shades on him, who just is who is and makes no apologies for it. He is also very honest and upfront about everything he thinks and feels, which is what makes him so hott, cause he might hurt your feelings but he wont lie to you. So here is Knight the owner of the most exclusive club in Denver, an amazing apartment, and all he wants is to be left alone, unfortunately, Knight's brother who works for him, lives with him and wants to be famous is a pain, and throws an elaborate (and LOUD) party, and happens to invite Sandrine (first time i've ever heard this name) and she brings along her friend Anya and its when Anya wants to leave, but her phone doesn't work that knight meets the girl of his dream, and he pursue's her in real dominant style, and while she does give him a chase he ultimately wins out. I loved that they were very honest with each other, and Anya wasn't stupid, and she didn't let her emotions get in the way of their relationship. Once he told her, before u react to the things that you hear about me, please talk to me, that was exactly what she did and applaud her for that. Now i do have to say this story was more a human interest story there was very little action in there, but i loved the study of this type of relationship, and it's clear that Anya though apprehensive once she committed to going all the way with Knight she did, and I think that was what i liked the most about her. Vivica, Anya's friend was also a fun and honest character and her lil side story was definitely entertaining. Overall, i didn't know what to expect especially when Kristen Ashley gave that long explanation in the beginning, but i have to say that I've always enjoyed flaws characters to the perfect ones, and as a result I really enjoyed this book and can't wait to read the others in the series.