Rock Hard

Rock Hard - Olivia Cunning 3.5 is more accurate.

So I meant to not read this book yet, but i was just reading the first page and got hooked. So this is a story that starts in teh first book, Jessica is the one that got away from frontman/whore Sed, and he keeps trying to forget her by sleeping with multiple women every night, but he can't seem to drown her out even after 2 years. Jessica, on the other hand walked out on the amazing but yet to make it big singer cause she thought he was trying to control her. So when these who coincidentally meet each other it was incredible the amount of hate that they'd been able to compile for each other in 2 years. Now, I have to say that the sex scenes were hot, but not as adventurous as in the first the book, but I loved that we got to know Sed as more than an a**hole. And he is so sweet, and caring and kind. So why the 3.5 stars? Well cause they turned Brian into the a**hole, and Myrna into a total bitch, which i hated so much. Also we got to know by fave character in the series so far Trey, a lil better, and he is just more loveable now than before. Also, we get to know a bit more about Jace, who is my second fave character so far, cause i love a quiet guys with a suitcase full of fun lol. Eric also wasn't as much of a douchebag. I did like that Sed was introspective, and there was clearly a change in him at the end, but I have to say that watching two hotheads try and out yell and out fight each other got a lil tiring, but i did read the entire book in one day so I guess that says hat it was good after all. If only it could've maintained Brian and Myrna's characters this might've been a five star book for me like the last one.