Double Time

Double Time - Olivia Cunning So first let me say I really should not be disappointed that I didn’t like this book because I read the summary before reading it. But still Trey has been my favorite Sinner from the inception, and I’ve grown to love him more and more in the past two books, and now I’m not sure how I feel about him. But let me start with the good.

Regan she is a tomboy, who can play the guitar as well as Brian, and she wears her heart on her sleeve, even though she’s been hurt badly in the past, it has not stopped her from being able to love the people that meets now. She’s fun and fearless, and she is also very loving. But she’s insecure throughout this book, and I find that even when she gets her HEA she gets it feeling like she’s not good enough.

The boys of Exodus End Oh man this band is hot, and they have some kick ass members, even lead singer Max is so sweet to Reagan, and still an obnoxious douchebag to everyone else. Steve also a really nice guy.

Dare Well we already knew that Dare was an awesome big brother from the last book, but he’s proven it once again. He is supportive and kind, and caring towards his brother in a way that no one else could be. I really enjoyed that we got to spend as much time with him as we did in this book. In fact, I’m kind of hoping for the next series to be about this band, cause I think at least Dare would be awesome.

the sex Well I guess its three times as awesome as I thought it would be, because damn! That was a lot, I felt like there was a lot of sex, and it was mostly hot I’m not going to lie, though I think I liked Ethan/Reagan more than Regan/Trey, but I think it was just cause I felt the connection between them more.

So the bad…

Trey’s lack of control I hated that the relationship between Trey and Ethan started long before Reagan was aware, I felt like the entire time Trey was with Reagan he was cheating on her, and she was just clueless about the way things were going.

Reagan As a tomboy who has been hurt I was disappointed with her decision about the Trey and Ethan situation, but then again I guess that’s just how things go, maybe I need to read more book with these kinds of characters.

Ethan Ethan is super-hot and like Trey super confused, and he’s supposed to be an alpha male but I thought that he acted more like a wounded girl a lot of the time begging for attention as well as getting a lot of the hurt in this story, I thought the author should have chosen a major characteristic for Ethan to be and stuck to it.

Pacing The overall pacing of the book was not too good it seemed to be slow in the set up, and then it picked when Reagan and Trey met, and then once they got back to LA everything slowed way down, and then finally it sped through one of the major plot points. Wasn’t too impressed.

The fact that this is the last book in the series and the third book to be released Now I have to say that from the moment I read the summary of this book, I thought to myself, this should be the last book, because Trey is not going to have a typical HEA. Now as much as I loved Trey before starting this story I have to say that I would’ve rather waited and read the books in sequence. Especially because now all the other characters have their happily ever after, and its hard to like or not like them and they just feel like extra for most of the book. Especially cause we know Brian and Myr, and Sed and Jess, the other characters just seem to be extras that I wasn’t sure how I felt about them.

So should you read? Yes, but I think maybe you should wait for the others, then it would be easier to take the characters in context. And also if you’re like me, and Trey was your fave character, just don’t get your hopes up too high, cause well, he is no longer my fave character