Wethering the Storm

Wethering the Storm - Samantha Towle The Good

Jake: There is no rock star book boyfriend like Jake Whethers. OMFG! And he’s even more dreamy and amazing in this book. His romantic streak, is just the sweetest, and the things he does just to put a smile on Tru’s face is heart melting. The things he says are always so sweet, and thoughtful, and its clear that Jake loves Tru unconditionally, and with the fire of a thousand suns. It was great to see that in him especially because he got a few chapters of his own, where we really got to know him so much better!

Denny, Tom and Smith: The boys of TMS are so funny together. I think their group vibe is very alpha and rock star. They were so much fun, and I love that they encoraged each other the way that they did. especially now that Jake was out of rehab and Jonny was gone, it was clear that they were being each other’s support. I loved Tom, he is just the typical rocker, and he does it so well, the way he talks about women, and hooking up, I can’t wait to meet the girl that finally catches him.

The major conflict towards the end: I did not see that coming (much like Tru), and I really liked the way it was done. It was so angst filled, and so tragic, but so beautiful at the same time. I think we saw the great change that Jake had made since Tru entered his life. He was really tested, and I think we needed to know this to be able to leave their story happy.

That wedding: Could not be more perfect! Just amazing!

Jake: Yes I’m including him again leave me alone! just a few of my fave lines from the book here:
“There i no one else for me. I begin and end with you.”

“You don’t complete me Tru. You make me who I am. You make me better. I’d be nothing without you. Nothing I’ve been there once before and I’m never going back. I’m never losing you again.”

“Trudy Bennett, I love you beyond any lyrics I could ever write or any words I could ever say. I always have, and I always will”

Tru from 40%: When Tru was upfront with Jake about what was going on with her, I was so proud of her, because I really thought she was going to let it all fester, and then something bad would happen later. But instead she bit the bullet and told him with courage. I have to say I admired that. And I think from that point on I was good to when it came to her.

The vast amount of sex: OMG! It was amazing: beach sex, in-car sex, on-car sex, kitchen sex, couch sex, wall sex, I’m surprised they didn't’ have sex on stage at the concert. These two were insatiable and it was so effing yummy!

The Bad

Tru in the beginning: judge much? annoying, you knew who he was before he met you, and you told him you didn't care, and now you can't have sex in his bed because he’s had sex there with other ppl? Really? Thats just stupid you fucked will, and then fucked jake in the same freaking night, what the fuck man?

Predictability: So my friend (Steph ;) ) predicted one of the major plot points in the first 5% of the book, and while she had good reason to predict this, I really wanted to not beleive her. I didn’t want the book to be that transparent. But alas, she was correct, and that just pissed me the hell off. I hate to correctly predict these things, it was a disappointment. But the book left the best feeling in the world to me. Pure Bliss. So forgiven.

The Ugly

Me: You made me cry like a baby Ms. Towle, that was not cool!

This book was just as well written as the first. It takes you on such a roller coaster ride, but at its heart it is about the love between Jake and Tru. And I also want to say that the title couldn’t be more perfect for the book. We get to see Jake and True weathering the storm that is life, and they do it like any of us; with mistakes, and patience, and miscommunication, but they also endure the storm together. And that ending was freaking perfect! I loved that they got their HEA, and it was so awesome.