The Sea of Tranquility

The Sea of Tranquility - Katja Millay “It’s about a dream of second chances.”

Sometimes we read books that we love but the characters aren't memorable and seem fictional, sometimes we meet characters we love, but hate their situations, and sometimes we meet books that we love and situations that are just right for them. Katja Millay has masterpiece of a first novel in The Sea of Tranquility. The characters were unforgettable, the story more than exceptional, I think that if she can continue to produce such a caliber of stories, I will be a dedicated follower.

Now I have to admit I'm not a big fan of YA books, I mean there are those I enjoy, but mostly I find teenagers and their stories to be somewhat annoying and tiresome. And so I did go into this book knowing that several people on GR were very impressed, but still I was not expecting very much. And I was blown away. The plot is seamless, which the right about of suspense, and holding back, and with the right amount of humor, tragedy, drama, emotion, and sweet. I have to say that just the story alone was enough even, if Millay made the characters less, I really thought the plot could stand on its own. That say Ms. Millay has created a cast of characters that were so three dimensional, it's hard not to envision them existing at this very moment.

“Love maybe unconditional, but its never free. “
Nastya is the girl at the center of all the mystery. Being the new girl, must be very difficult, but being the new girl who doesn't speak (at all for like 25% of the book), makes her stand out even more. Being the new girl who dresses like a whore makes it worse. And being the new girl who catches the eye of both the most popular and the most notorious boys in school is just what makes a great story. Now, I cannot say that I identified with Nastya, but I will say that she was such a great character that I wanted to be able to identify with her. A girl who finds herself at a crossroad that no person let alone a teenager ever should, and I think that one of the things I really liked about this story was the fact that a lot of the decisions that Nastya made in this book, felt like the decisions of a 17 year old. Though she'd matured due to what happened to her, there were parts of her as her brother said that were still 15.

“I like finding things no one else is looking for. Things that got lost or forgotten, shoved in a corner. Stuff I never knew existed. I don’t even need to buy it. I justlike to find it and know that it’s there.”
Josh is one of those boys that you fall in love with from a distance, and you want more than anything to take the chance and try to get to know him. But with his "force field" its clear that its not going to be an easy feat. I loved this boy from the get go, the fact that through his extreme circumstances, he was still able to be a friend to certain characters really made me appreciate him even more. The relationships that exists between him and Clay and him and Crew, are so different, but it is made clear once we get to know him why those are still so relevant to him. Through all his loss though, Josh remains a believer in things that I don't think people who have had to endure such ever would be able to. I love the dynamic between Josh and Nastya, they get each other in a way that no one else does, when she asks him about his family because she realizes (maybe before him) that he wants someone to talk to about them. They just seem to get each other, and they are there for each other in the way that both need, but no one else would be able to give them.

“I can’t pretend not to know why I adore Drew Leighton. He’s as fucked up and emotionally stunted as I am, just in a different way.”
Now, I will admit the unique love triangle that exists between Drew, Nastya and Josh, is well...unique, but it makes sense with their characters. I love that we got to know Drew as well as I did, it feels like he was always in the picture, and just like in the principal's office that first fay, Drew knew how to make his presence known. But I liked that he was always very straightforward with the people he loved and cared about, that was the real Drew, and I think that really shows hat douchebags are people too, and sometimes we have to look beyond the surface.

So this book was phenomenal, I hope that anyone who has a chance to read this, does and I know that they will enjoy it. I also want to say that the last few chapters are hard to get through, but I think I came out with an enhanced view of the world, and I have to say that it was story well worth the time. By the end of this journey Nastya is a different person, she is not who she was before what happened, and she’s not who she was after, now she issomeone completely different from those two people. Which I believe can be summed up in this final quote,

“Nothing is perfec. It’s not even good yet. But maybe.”