Charade - Nyrae Dawn Um reading back to back sad books makes be cry like ok so this book

I have to say I actually really enjoyed this one. I thought the characters were well thought out and they were relateable, and Colt is my new book boyfriend, such a gentleman. But dude this book was sad, like tragic, and so I think you should prepare yourself to cry, but its worth it, these two are so wonderful.

So Cheyenne, has some serious demons, and they have been haunting her for the last 10 years. But boy does she hide them well. Even from herself at times. But when she walks in on her asshole boyfriend with his "other girlfriend" she decides its time for a change. And she sets out to prove that she can do without him, but going for his opposite, and finds it in Colton, who is nothing her her frat boy ex. I liked Cheyenne because though she was a princess for most of the book, she also was the first to admit that they weren't playing games. I agree with Colt when he said she was strong she was, and it will not be an easy road to recovery, but at least she'll have Colt by her side.

There is something very special about a son who cares for his mom, especially the way Colt does it. While he beats himself up for not being able to do more, Colt does a shit load for her, and he loves her very much, as she does him. There are so many things that I loved about Colt, his dirty mouth, his alpha ways, his protective instincts, and just his overall awesomeness. Like Cheyenne he hides his pain very well, for all on the outside, but he was hurting really badly, and I think that the deal Cheyenne presents is exactly what he needed to distract from all that was going on around him.

So I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and I hope more people get to read about these two, cause though it had me bawling at times, but I really liked it.