Heaven and Hell

Heaven and Hell  - Kristen Ashley So, another great KA romance. I really enjoyed this book, it was a little bit more serious, and emotionally challenging than some of her other works, but there was not a moment when I felt that it wasn’t up to the standard of my faves. Though I have to admit the plot is a bit farfetched in the beginning, the relationship is very realistic, and all the supporting players are also very real, they reactions to the things that are occurring around them always feel very authentic.

Kia is a woman who is broken, she is so broken, that I don’t think she can even account for all the missing pieces. Firstly, her husband has just been shot in the head for cheating on her with a married woman whose husband found out and shot him in the head. Then she finds out that there are even more evil to that bastard than she thought possible. The abuse that she endures while married leaves her very empty, she was completely lost. Until one day she sat to have breakfast in a dining room of a hotel and she looked across the table and saw ex-football star Sampson Cooper. Everything changes after that meeting, and I have to say the story has only just begun.

Sam is a gentle man that I think can only exist in books, he is so sweet, and kind, and thoughtful, it was as if all the things on a list of Mr. Perfect was compiled and then Sam was formed. At least that’s what it was like for the first half of the book. During the second half we see Sam’s demons and unlike Kia’s these are ones that will not be easily exorcised.

The supporting characters were also very sweet, and each had their own story of how hard life can be, and at the same time, how we must appreciate the small steps that we may encounter, and not to ever waste time. Luci, Sam’s friend and best friend’s widow was beautiful, charming, and filled with grief and sorrow, and KA did an amazing job of showing all those emotions very easily. Celeste, the woman that Kia meets while on vacation in Italy, who teaches her so many important life lessons, with a special love and affection, I think her and her husband’s story is so tragic and beautiful, and the way they treasure both Kia and Sam, was just fantastic. Kia’s parents and brother, were also very real, and the way their relationship both before and after her husband’s death brought tears to my eyes.

So, overall great book, great plot, great characters, I recommend this plus there is a bonus (some friends from the Rock Chick Series, and The ‘Burg Series make an appearance)!