Dirty - Megan Hart Sometimes I want fiction, where there is a bit of drama, a lot of hot steamy sex, and an HEA at the end. And other times, I want fiction that borders on reality, which is at times hard to read, touches something in you emotionally that makes it hard to smile, but even harder to stop reading. I think that Dirty was of the second genre. Elle is shattered, she is emotionally stagnated, physically gorgeous, and sexually on fire. But there is something about her, she is also strong beyond words, I wish that she would see it in her. I really enjoyed the way Megan Hart set up the story, its not too fast, but its definitely not slow, she doesn’t spend a ton of time describing scenery, but she does in my opinion get me to be in that world with those characters. Ms. Hart also write a tale that is overflowing with steam that made me blush several times. The mix of real and sexual just makes the book that much more awesome. I think the book is layered beautifully with supporting characters who make sense contribute to the story, and who give you a good sense of the reason why they continue to exist in the life of the main character.

Elle is one of those main characters who is so well put together, everything works, she is young, formally promiscuous, currently celibate, she lives in Harrisburg, PA, in a house that she bought and is currently renovating room by room with the help of her next door neighbor and fifteen year old boy named Gavin, she is a VP at an accounting firm, she keeps trying but failing to hate her mother, she has a brother who lives in CA and refuses to come back to the east coast, and her one quirk? She can’t stop counting. I think that little hint of both genius and insane was beautifully crafted in Elle. I think the way her ‘relationship’ develops with Dan, and several other characters is just right. Elle has closed herself off from love, and as of three years ago from men overall. She is in at least in her opinion her perfect place, until one day at the Candy Store. She sees this guy they go out to get drinks, and then they go home separately, and never even exchange names. But a few weeks later purely by coincidence they bump into each other again, and the sparks can’t stop flying. But Elle has a secret there is a reason that she counts almost excessively, and why she was so promiscuous, and why she is now celibate and that secret is a Dirty one. Sex is not dirty, not even in public places with someone you barely know. Liking sex, liking a man’s hands on me, coming with him, letting him inside m…that doesn’t make me dirty.”

” Everyone has scars Elle.“
Dan is one hell of a male character, he is an alpha, but not the controlling, irrationally jealous type. He is the type that says think like You want to come home with me just once, and you know that he’s right. While I found at first at least, that Elle seemed a little bit too instalove for my liking, but once the story got to the bad parts, I was glad he seemed to have that power over her and knew how to use it without abusing it. No matter what Dan asked of me, I always had the ability to say no. I simply didn’t take it. He never crossed a line, he never had her to run, Dan was just what Elle needed, and I loved that. I think that he made her see how wonderful she was, and how the things that she allowed to keep her from living weren’t supposed to do so. I loved that he loved her, and at the risk of losing her, told her that.

A few noteworthy mentions in the way of secondary characters, Marcy Elle’s co-worker is such a great comedic relief in this tale that is mostly a sad one. She does really care for Elle, and continually tries to be a closer and better friend to her, and try as she might Elle can’t seem to shake her. Then there was Gavin, who broke my heart more than one. This is shy fifteen year old, who wanted a safe haven and found it in Elle’s house helping her paint, or fix things, or at home with one of Elle’s books. I loved that he allowed Elle to know that she could love and care about someone else without fear of hurting them, or them hurting her.

So overall do I recommend this book to everyone? No, I think you have to know what you’re getting into. Know that this is very far from your typical erotica which tends to be lots of sex, stupid plot, and then more sex. This one has lots of sex, but a story about the obstacles that some people have to overcome that we may not all like to read about, but are real troubles, and more sex. but if your on the fence, I say yes go for it, I was not at all disappointed.