Consequences  - Aleatha Romig 2.5

Well, I will start by saying the moment I read the blub for this book, I was intrigued. However, now that I’ve completed the jounrney into the world of Anthony Rawlings and Clair Nichols, I think that I am a firm believer in the phrase “curiosity killed the cat”. Now this book, is unlike anything I’ve ever read, it is such a head trip that I’m still spinning. But I will say the Aleatha Romig knows how to write a captivating book. She weaves such an intricate web, and let me tell you she must be a master manipulator, cause to dream (or nightmare) of Anthony Rawlings takes a special kind of mind. Personally I think the title of this book should be Unfair. Because that’s what this boiled down to.
Now I have to say that as compared to some other female leads in several of these books, Claire was smart and from the moment she was kidnapped she learned from her mistakes. She adapted quickly, and efficiently for most of the book, but at the same time she had those moments in there where she was unsure, and at those times really bad things happened to her.

Anthony Rawlings is an oxymoron if I’ve ever read about one. He was an absolute cruel piece of crap, abusive phsycho path, and then he was generous, and kind, and loving and sweet. My head was spinning so I can only imagine what it was like for Claire. But there is a deep seeded and very dark story behind his behavior, and my biggest problem was that I read this entire book, and I know NOTHING about him. And that’s just frustrating.

So should you read this book? I think if you’re looking for something different from the HEAs and romances, then sure, go for it. But I do recommend that beforehand, you commit to reading Truth, cause I don’t think that this book is worth it without a sequel.