Hard to Love

Hard to Love - Kendall Ryan Now, a porn star and virgin, that quite the premise for a romance novel. But that is the one that exists for Cade and Alexa. Now I have to say after reading Kendell Ryan’s book Unravel Me I knew that there was going to be some movements that just pushed my moral compass, but I also knew that out of that there would be something that changed the way I saw the characters as well. Now I have to say going into this I was super excited because well a porn star? I was excepted him to just be awesome all the time, and while he was awesome, it wasn’t so much in the bedroom (though I am positive that Alexa will disagree) as he was awesome outside of that, in his not so ordinary life. Ms. Ryan has weaved another web, that I have to say I enjoyed, and Cade stole my heart, so I’m going to gush about him first, and then get to Alexa.

Caden is just the kind of character that comes out of nowhere and steals your heart. I really felt for him throughout the book, taking care of his ill sister, but at the same time raising her on his own for so many years. It is clear that he loves her, and wants to give her the best of everything. The amount of care he takes when it comes to her safety and her health is heartwarming. There is a scene in the book where it is clear that Cade wants to more than just protect Lily, he wants her to be strong and independent as well, and that was just so sweet. But his little sister and her medical bills do lead Cade to become the porn star that he is. But even with such profession he clearly still is the same person, and he encounters some issues because he is such a sweet and caring person. I think that he was just the best part of this book, and honestly I don’t think Alexa deserved him at all, I may be in the minority about that but Cade was too good her.

Alexa was initially sweet, and innocent, and she also appeared to be every bit the spoilt little rich girl that she was. I think that she does have a kind and caring heart, but I think that maybe she was a bit too naïve for my liking. I really liked that she took the initiative and went to try to help Lily, but I wanted her to do more, even when she and Cade had broken up, or had a misunderstanding, I thought that she should’ve still made an effort to be in Lily’s life. Especially because Cade never invited her to be there, she just barged in, and then when they were in a tiff, more Lily had to suffer. I also don’t understand why she freaks out over the porn star thing at times, she knows that it is what he does, and even more than that she knows why he does it. That was annoying and it made me turn against her. I don’t want to spoil the story but the last 20% of the book was not enjoyable for me. I thought the wrong person was doing the apologizing

Overall I’m giving this book 4 stars because I want everyone to meet Cade, I think he is just the kind of guy who will stick on me for a while, just because he is so awesome.