Beautifully Damaged

Beautifully Damaged - L.A. Fiore I have to say that this book got lost plethora of books about damaged men and the women who want to save them, but this one a diamond in the rough . I want everyone to read this story, because it is so good, its so beautifully layered, with a beautiful not no where close to perfect love story, flanked by a serious mystery in the end. But the star of this book is Trace Montgomery, and while I want to tell you why I love him so much I would much rather let you enjoy him in this book. Now I have sang the praises, just a few notes for the author, I know this is a self published, but there were a couple of typos and spelling errors in there, just a note. Also I thought the transitions between scenes were really abrupt, and it took some getting used to, can I just recommend doing the stars between scenes, so the reader knows a major transition is coming up. But besides those two, I had no issues whatsoever, with the plot, I can't think of anyway to make this story any better, it truly is a beautiful story, and I hope that more people get to experience the love that is found between Trace and Ember.

So Ember Walsh, is a young writer who moved to New York after college to pursue her dreams, but has been stuck as a waitress at a local upscale restaurant. She lives with her best friend Lena, and while Lena is outgoing and the life of the party, Ember has always been in the shadows, and it's in the shadows that she first sees the beauty that is Trace Montgomery, he comes to her aid, after a drunk guy at a bar was little too pushy, and then several more times when they bump into each other around the city. Ember learns a lot about herself because of Trace, he helps her to see that she is so much more than she ever thought, and he also brings some things to her attention that she never knew before. I think that I liked Ember because she was not willing to let Trace go, even when he pushed her away numerous times, she made a decision to fight for him, and she was not going to back down. I also, loved that she cared so much for him, and was constantly reassuring him of how special he was to her, and to the people around him. She always knew what he needed, and that was clear because even when she didn't agree with what he was doing, she still put his needs above her, and there was no jealous mix-ups, no unnecessary hangs up on her part, she just told Trace how she saw things, and dealt. Also Ember is a badass, you won't get to see that till close to the end, but she one tough cookie, and I think that made her and Trace even more compatible.

Trace Montgomery is nothing like what you think, I can guarantee that, even in the middle of the book we were still learning more secrets from him. And I want to say upfront that his secrets are dark, and they are deep, and emotional, there were times in this book where I had to stop reading because the injustices that have been carried out against him are hard. But he is so beautiful beneath all the hurt its incredible this book was so appropriately named. He is firstly a fighter, and not just after what happened to him, but he is a cage fighter, and a very good one at that. But I think that because of the hand of cards that life has dealt him, he is an excellent judge of character, and he never made a mistake. His love for Ember is so deep, it is clear that it physically hurts him, and that he would do anything to protect her. And though he messes up several times in the book, I think that those moments are just when he doesn't know how to deal with some the emotions that he's experiencing for the first time. But he has stolen my heart, I have to admit that, he is just so amazing, in so many ways I wish I could say more without giving anything away, but I want you to read this book and get to know him for yourself.

The secondary characters in this book also deserve praise. Ember's father who raised her since her mom died when she was 3, was such a pillar of strength for both Ember and Trace. Then there were those friends, Trent, and Luke who always had Ember's back, and who both wanted so much to see her happy, and I loved that they never crossed the line, and that they respected and cared so much for her. Then Rafe who was Trace's best friend, and everything in between, his friendship was one that I think held Trace together when things were looking especially bleak (as they often were). Then there was Lucien, and I loved both Trace and Ember's relationship with him, and I feel like this was one of the people who really supported them as a couple from the get go. And there were so many other characters that added to this story, I can't even begin to delve into the story.

So should you read this book? Yes! Right effing now! It was wonderful, and I've already added other books by the author cause I loved her work.