Leave Me Breathless

Leave Me Breathless - Cherrie Lynn Firstly, I want to say that I went into this book very skeptical for several reasons, firstly because well I didn’t like Macy in the last book, I thought she was a snob and she needed to learn her place. Secondly, I didn’t really think that the last book was as worthy of the hype it receives, and so I thought that the same would be said for this one. Also, I dint really get to know Ghost passed his long standing relationship with Brian, and his wittiness, so I wasn’t too excited for more from him. But I would like to say I was unmistakably wrong on all those counts and I am more than happy that I read this book.

Um well, Macy was still a bitch for the first part of the book, but stick with it she more than redeems herself in the last couple of chapters. I think she just wanted someone who was drama free, and Ghost was not that on any counts. At least he didn’t appear to be (who am I kidding, he was not drama free) Macy is young, and she’s stuck with two best friends who have found their HEAs, and though she won’t outwardly admit it, she wants the same. Now this story has a really bad Case of the Ex syndrome because there were a lot of ex’s (ok well 3 but that feels like a lot). And Macy’s story as to why she’s no longer with her ex, and why they will never get back together, really helped me to go a little bit easier on her. She was wronged, and though she had a small part to play, it was not significant, and my heart went out to her on this. I think Macy’s saving Grace for me came at the end, her two acts toward the end, made me completely forget how much of a snob I thought she was for this book as well as Rock Me. I think it showed growth and maturity on her part.

Ghost Ghost Ghost/Seth. Now there is a man I’d like to get to know better. He was always so sure of himself, especially when it came to his relationship with Macy. I loved how bold, and upfront her was about everything. He wanted Macy, and he did not even try, he just took her, and often, and hard. It was great. In terms of smut this book was high it was like the third chapter and Macy and Ghost were going at it already. I think that when Ghost’s vulnerabilities were shown, it just made me love him even more, it was clear that he was insecure about a lot of things, and mostly, he was just hiding those insecurities. But he was a great lead male, and I loved his overall personality.

So I guess I understand why everyone raves about this book, it was fun and exciting read. The characters were my kind in that they were complex and had both good and bad personality traits, but overall were just the right mixture to make the story a re-read for me. Even if you didn’t like the first two books, I definitely recommend that you give this last one a try, you won’t be disappointed.