Total Eclipse of the Heart

Total Eclipse of the Heart - Zane I have to say I put this book and on nook, and I was just checking to make sure it was working read the first couple of words, and did not put down my nook until the book was done. Great storytelling by Zane here, the writing is so enjoyable, the story so effortlessly realistic, the characters so incredibly lovely, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I don’t even remember reading the blurb on this one, I was recommended this author by a challenge, and though I did not use the book in the challenge, I still got it, and I am so happy that I did. I think that there is something special about an author who can have two people fall in love in such dire circumstances. Two people who were both in other relationships – one which appeared to be perfect, and one which was everything but perfect. But with the two main characters, and the entire supporting cast, I found this group of people who came together by chance, but they all helped tell this story of love that came at the most unlikely moment, but an all consuming love much like an eclipse.

Brooke Alexander has been in a relationship with Patrick Stewart for the past 2 years, and over the last 5 months has come to several realizations. Firstly she’s not happy in this relationship. Secondly, she hates swallowing (she always knew that it has been reaffirmed) and thirdly Patrick doesn’t care about any of those things. But Brooke stays in the relationship because from what she can see she won’t be better off on her own anyways. Brook is a waitress, Patrick a big time lawyer with old money, and the meanest parents in the history of parents. At first I thought that entire relationship was little far fetched, but the more I got into the story, I came to realize that Patrick didn’t mind Brooke working a menial job, because he figured once they got married it would be easier for him to talk her into staying at home. Brooke on the other hand, had other ideas in mind for her life. She wanted to have a career, and be able support herself, but everything around her just would not line up. Until the moment where her entire life changes because she was saved from possible death, but definitely bad injuries by a good guy, a good, handsome, married guy.

Damon Johnson thought he had everything he could ever want with his wife of four years, good job at a prestigious accounting firm, dream home, and everything in between. He and Carleigh were the only married couple among their friends, but they were the happy ones. Sure he felt that she sometimes treated him more like a trophy than a partner, and sure she doesn’t really like that he spends his free time developing an online dating site called, but hey, just cause your married to someone doesn’t mean that they have to agree with everything that you do. But he loves Carleigh more than anything, and that’s what matters most to him. Then one day, after only recently reconciling from a major fight about trust, everything changes when Damon saves the lives of both his wife, and stranger, and ends up seriously injured from the accident.

I loved the slow build of the relationship between Brooke and Damon, and also the way in which they both struggled with their feelings for each other. It was clear that there was something between them, and that they were made for each other even though they were with other people. I also liked that they both knew that they had made commitments, and those should come before their own selfish feelings. Zane has written the kind of story that has you questioning what you think is right and wrong in a relationship, and honestly, by the end I really wasn’t sure how I felt but I knew that sometimes our entire lives can be defined by a single moment in time. I highly recommend this book, it is such a good book, with such a beautiful story.