Through the Ever Night

Through the Ever Night  - Veronica Rossi I was so excited after finishing [bc:Under the Never Sky|11594257|Under the Never Sky (Under the Never Sky, #1)|Veronica Rossi||15093785], I jumped right into this next book. Veronica Rossi while she did an excellent job in the first book of setting up the various conflicts, etc. this book felt at times like a filler, and at other times like more of a drama than thriller adventure. We meet Perry having recently acquired a great amount of responsibility, trying to lead the Tides, finally getting the chance to help his people. But this proves to be a very difficult and challenging feat. It is an emotional roller coaster of a journey that Aria, Perry and Roar, and Cinder have to battle and the ride is anything but smooth.

Leaders need to see clearly in the darkness, Peregrine. You already do that

Perry struggles from the get-go, to choose between his duties as Blood Lord and the recent information that he has gained about Aria, and what happened since they last spoken. Perry's life has changed drastically, he now lives with the band of warriors (Reed and friends) that he has met along his journey home, he knows that the Tides are depending on him, and they are also a very stubborn group of people. Reading about Perry's trials and errors was hard on me, but I loved his spirit, even when he made bad decisions, he pick himself up, acknowledges his was wrong, and looks forward. Perry really is forced to grow up in this book, but he maintains his love for Aria at the same time. He sees her as very important to him, and he values their relationship very highly.

Aria makes the biggest change in this book. It is clear that in the time they have been apart, a lot has changed fro her. She is at a major life crossroads, she was raised as a dweller, but she is an outsider, the love of her life is an outside but now she needs things from the dwellers, and she finds herself making some dangerous deals. But the way she navigates all the conflict around her is so inspiring. The love she has for Perry is still deep and strong, but with Perry becoming Blood Lord, the dynamics of their relationship has definitely been impacted. Aria's relationship with Roar grows even more they are both in situations where they cannot be with the ones they love for the same reasons - they aren't Scrie. i have to say that by the halfway mark, I really wanted they to forget about Perry and Liv, and just hook up with each other., because their other relationships were so heavy. But they do really look out for each other and the friendship grow beautifully.

Love is a rebellious bird, that nobody can tame.

Roar really has a hard time throughout this book, but he somehow manages to remain is humorous, jovial self, through all the tough times. I really hope he finds his HEA soon. Cinder is at bit more settled in this book, but I think that is mostly because of Perry's love for him, that is so evident in the tender, kind way he deals with Cinder. I really enjoyed learning more about Cinder, though we still don't know much.

Now this book didn't get as high of a rating from me because while a lot happened in the story, there were still some parts that I felt could've been better written. i loved all the a new characters especially Perry's warriors. Reading about Perry and Aria's emotional struggles felt so real most of the time. But I loved the end and the very last line of the book makes be so excited to learn more about this story.