Sweet Surrender

Sweet Surrender - Maya Banks So this was a nice addition to my reading, especially if I wanted some super super steamy scenes. Though it took a while for the leads to get together, when they did, boy-oh-boy fireworks could not express how they lighted up for each other. I think that we have to take about the fact that there were many orgasms, and so little sex, damn, Gray made me seriously consider baths to be a health hazard, but I loved every minute of it!

So I want to start with the guy this time, because he was such an intricate part of the story. I think Gray was just the right type of alpha. He was domineering without being pushy, he was also very sweet, and gentle, and I think that he takes "taking care of his woman" to a whole new level. I loved how he battled between his feelings for Faith, and his obligation to his fallen partner. I also really liked that he was so willing to not get involved with her under false pretenses. But they had this amazing chemistry, and it was one that helped fuel the book along that's for sure.

Faith Malone, is a woman who is only now learning what she wants in life especially from relationships. I think she is so unlike some of the other female leads who are learning about BDSM, she was open to it, and she went looking for an outlet for her tastes. I love that she went to the The House, and once she was in there she didn't run away or even shy away from what she was seeing. She really put herself out there when it came to Gray, and she tried on several embarrassing occasions to get him to really take notice of her, but even with all of that, when he didn't show an interest, she did what was best for her, and I really admired that as well.

The secondary characters in this book were very memorable, and I guess Maya Banks made them so because she had plans for them in the upcoming books. I don't want to give away too much, but I love Damon already, I know that he was prolly just only interested in getting into Faith's pants, but he was so sweet to her, and considering she was practically a stranger, I thought the way he treated her was admirable, don't really like his preferred version of kink, but to each his own. Nathan and Conner were also a hoot. I love how Nathan and Micah play practical jokes on each other, that's always fun to have a lil bromance in there. But my fave character? Micah, I can't wait for his book, just because he was such a hoot.

I really enjoyed the introduction to the series. Thanks Steph for doing a buddy read! You always make reading the books better!