Forever You (Forever Trilogy, #2)

Forever You (Forever Trilogy, #2) - Sandi Lynn Now this is how you write a story from another POV. I felt like this was a completely separate story. I felt like I got to know and like Conner even more. I think that it was so good to get to see life through Conner’s eyes, to get to understand all the struggles he had. I think that I fell for him even more in this book. There was something so real about him, and about how he approached life with Ellery. I thought that in him I saw all the little parts, the moments when Ellery wasn’t with him, how he felt, what he did and why. The lengths he went to just to be with her. The way he believed that she was so strong, and could survive anything. We also got to see him with Ashyln, who had manipulated him for such a long time. His really close relationship with Denny. His relationship with his family especially his sister was so amazing, it was clear that he was the right person to be with Ellery. I LOVED how hard he worked to win her over, even when she didn’t know. Even when she pushed him away, he really wanted to be with her.

I really loved that this book didn’t feel a do-over at all instead, it felt like it was the first time I was meeting Conner, and he was telling me about how he fell for his wife. I also loved that we got so much of their future which we didn’t get in Forever Black. I can’t wait for the next installment.