The Collector

The Collector - Victoria Scott So I really wanted to love this book, and I decided to do this review a little differently: So the food the Bad,and the Ugly:

The Good
1. Dante's POV was fun. I love a male POV. I thought I liked dual,but males are so much fun!
2. The originality of the supernatural aspect. I loved this new concept of the battle between good and bad. Dante being a collector for the"Bossman"was so,much more than I thought, I believe that this hasn't been done yet. But it was definitely enjoy able and uniquejoy able and unique
3. Charlie she was just one of those very memorable characters. She was young, and naive,but so happy. She was that girl who you just knew would be so amazing the moment she got out of the for walls of high school.
4. Annabelle and Blue: I love these two, in the race for best friends ever! They win, they are so loving and supportive of everything that Charlie does. They are so sweet to her, I really enjoyed their friendship (even tho, I hated what happened to it by the end).
5. Max: Talk about BFF, Max was the comic relief in this book, and he was so good at it. I loved every scene he was in, and I thought that it would not turn out well for him (It hasn't, but not in the way you think), but I love him, AND I hope he gets an HEA soon.

1. Pacing: The beginning of this book was so slow, I mean it was entertaining but they spent so much time on Dante hating the way that Charlie looked, but nothing much happened plot wise for a really long time, and then at the end it was shit storm of things. If it was a lil more exciting I think I would've enjoyed more.
2. Characterization: While I liked the main characters and main supporting characters I thought that some of the other supporting characters were lacking Valery, grams, and even Dante's mom, we barely got to interact with them and when we did it was all very generic.
3. Storyline gaps: I didn't like the jumps in the storyline, it felt like there were just things missing to help the story flow better. Dante was kinda all over the place, and I still don't really understand how the whole collector process works, who gets chosen or how. And how they get the money and stuff. I like details, so that was kinda lacking.

They would not stop talking about looks that annoys the shit out of me! And it goes both ways I hate when books focus on how beautiful people are. But let me say that I was on the verge of tears with how much Dante focused on looks. OMG! It Kills me and to make things worse,it never stopped! Everyone kept doing it, Gosh! It was too much. I feel A bad for the YA audience,this must be hard on the insecure teenagers who the book is marketed to.

Overall though, a good book, I'm anxiously awaiting the next one.