The Heart Has Reasons

The Heart Has Reasons - Martine Marchand The Good

Laurissa : This was one kick-ass woman. She was so strong, and brave and a fighter i think that is the best way I could describe her . She was a fighter. She fought for her life every chance she got. I think for me that was what made her stand out in my mind. I felt like so often when women are in these roles, they are always crying and working on the kidnapper’s emotions, but not Laurissa, she was ready to do whatever it took to get out of her current situation. That was both refreshing, and charming, and I love her!

Chase : So I thought I understood the adrenaline junkie, alpha-male, but then I met Chase O'Malley, and he was so different from all the others. He was so good on the inside, and it was clear that having been screwed over by a woman so early in life really did a number on him. But I totally agreed with Laurissa he was always a good guy under all of that macho man bullshit. But the moment he fed the fish of the woman he was kidnapping and hoped that someone would come and find them and continue to feed them until things were settled with her husband. It was just such a great portrait of a man .

The Chemistry : These two clearly wanted each other, all the time, it was so evident. I loved that Chase had a boner every time they got into a scuffle, it was so awesome. I liked that they kissed, and they both had a hard time denying their feelings. But I so wanted them to just get together already. I also loved their banter, it was so calm even though the

The Kidnapping : So I thought that the entire car ride / kidnapping was just so well written. The way each day was spaced out and how the relationship between Chase and Laurissa was unfolding was well done. I liked the little details like the fact that Laurissa never knew Chase’s name and even when she was having naughty thoughts about him he was referred to as ‘my kidnapper or the kidnapper’ This was the good well throughout writing that I was longing for.

The Bad

The Jaris/Setgupta Storyline: So this storyline was added halfway through the book where the narrator kinda followed the detectives on the case. Here’s the thing when you introduce characters that late in a book, you need to make them memorable and not just annoying as hell. And that's what they were just boring, uninteresting, and I don’t think they helped the story along much anyways.

Believability : So there were some parts in this story that just didn’t seem all that believable A black belt in karate basically stalking his ex. the thugs tattling to the cops, Chase being Special Ops, and never double checking his intel from Sparrow.

The Ugly

The repetition : So this book was 414 pages long, and for approximately 100 pages, the same convos were repeated over and over and over and over again. I felt that this could’ve been a 5 star book if only those 100 pages were dropped down to about 5. I loved the book up until the half way point, then I crawled through until the very last 20 pages or so. It killed my enthusiasm so much. But once you get over that the ending is just so perfect.

So I really liked this book. I don't think its going in my re-read pile, but I loved Laurissa and Chase, and I think she'll be on my list of fave heroines.