Too Fast

Too Fast - Alexia Haynes ***ARC provided by Netgalley***

So this book is a perfect of example of why one should not judge a book by its cover. Cause can you say cheesy? But inside this book is a wonderful story. It was a really fast read. But also a complex story about the ultra fast development a great friendship and romantic relationship.

The Good

Savannah: I liked her she was clearly, 20, and she was struggling with so much. But I think what made me love her was the fact that she had a good head on her shoulders. She wanted to be someone and go somewhere, and she is working her ass off to get there. I liked that she was open to a one night stand, and when she realized that both she and Luke wanted more she adjusted her ideas. I think that was the best part. I loved that she couldn’t see an end in sight for their relationship. I also loved her relationship with Madison and Sophie, though I wish we got to see a bit more, I liked what I saw.

Luke: Such a sweet guy. I liked that Luke didn’t let Savannah walk out of his life. He stuck with her. I also liked the fact that he trusted her with his secrets so quickly. He didn’t let it cause a bunch of unnecessary drama between them. Instead, he just told her all about his fucked up life and he let her decide whether she wanted to be a part. But I can’t imagine anyone saying no to being a part of Luke’s life. He is just the ultimate. The ultimate brother, father, boyfriend, friend, employee. just the best ever!

Natalie: Although we don’t get to be inside Nat’s head directly, between the amazing relationship she has with her brother, and the one she develops with Savannah, and Madison, she is so wonderful. I think she’s in a really bad place, and she knows that Luke is trying to shield her and she’s so appreciative of all that he has sacrificed for her.

All the Sex: OMG! It would not stop! And I loved it, I loved the intimacy that was between these two. It was clear from the get go that there was something more there. Something real, and powerful. And at least while they were having sex, they never denied it.

The Details: I thought the fact that there was so many details about what was going on, what Luke looked (yes you read that right) like, his house, the smells, and when shit goes down, that attention to details remains. I really admired that in this book.

The Bad

Insta-love: I have to say that it was really really fast. And that made it so much less real, but that’s not even that bad of a part.

The Language Some of the lines in this book were pretty cliche and cheesy, but I like that so for me on a personal level it wasn’t really an issue, but I can see why it would bother some people.

The Ugly

NOTHING! I really liked this book. I liked the flow of the story, i liked that no stupid drama was thrown in there just to elongate the story, instead this difficult relationship was explored, and we got a really great book. Can’t wait for the next one.