The Saint

The Saint - Tiffany Reisz ***ARC provided by Harlequin via NetGalley***

I don’t think any author has ever been able to tell stories as fluidly as Tiffany Reisz. She makes every moment come alive in ways that are so different, that you cannot predict what’s going to happen on the next page let alone the next chapter. But here we have it, the beginning of the love story of Nora and Soren. And what a beginning it was. I think getting to know teenage Nora was just fun, she was spunky, but with all the teenage angst that made her so normal. The same normal we see when she’s with Wes, and Michael, and Owen. The normal that we have seen in moments when she’s not with Kings or Soren. And seeing that normal was awesome.

“You are asking for so much trouble with this one, mon ami.”
“He didn’t ask for trouble,” Eleanor interjected. “I offered.”

Nora was just like most 15 year old girls, she wants to be an adult, but at the same time she has many of the childish qualities still. She is so funny, and brave, and just entertaining. I think that getting to see her relationship with her parents is also an important part of this story. Eleanor is a hand full that's for sure, but at the same time she lived in this world where there wasn’t much love around her. Her father showed love by teaching her to be a criminal, and her mother by teaching her to be a nun, Nora was none of the above. I loved to get to see Nora’s writer persona more, while we got a bit in the Siren, we really didn’t get to see her as a writer that much after that. I like Nora the writer. I love that she’s always been a writer, and it was her escape for so long.

“...We’re going to work together to keep you out of trouble.”
Eleanor grimiced.
“What was that expression for?” Soren demanded.
“Sorry.” She sighed. “I like trouble.”

So this book was called the Saint. and I believe that they are referring to Soren. But I felt like we got to know everyone so much better, but I wanted more from Soren. Though I have to say seeing Soren struggle to try to handle and control young Eleanor was very entertaining. I think Soren is very different at the beginning of this story. He is a man who is controlled and has his life perfectly compartmentalized. And then he meets a girl he must’ve dreamed, and he knew that when she walks up to him and calls him an idiot. When he sees that she is being hurt, when he looks deeper, and sees the person he was born to love. I think that Soren took so much time with Eleanor because he didn’t want to hurt her, he didn’t want her to reject him, because only one other person on this planet had accepted him for who he was wholly, and he’d inadvertently hurt him very badly. But then Eleanor would not back down, she pursued him, and made him promises and declarations that she could not know the ramifications of, yet Soren still sought to allow her to grow up. I think Eleanor’s love for Soren started when he did this for her, when he tried to push her away so that she could live a normal life. When he let her grow up, and then let her have normal experiences, Sore really let Nora choose who she wanted to be, and who she wanted to be was his Little one.

With her head on his knee and his hand in her hair, she felt what Soren must have felt the first time he put on his priest’s collar. She found herself at his feet. There was where she belonged. This was who she was. She would lived look further to find herself than his feet.

Although I loved this book, I loved the way it was crafted, I loved the voices that came through, I did not feel the same connection to the story that I am used to feeling with TR books, and this series. I don’t know if it was the mystery that was surrounding Nora telling this story, but I just felt like something was missing. I can’t put my finger on what it was, but I know something was missing. That being said, even with something missing, I could not put down this book. It consumed my every thought process, and I am more than excited for the King, cause the glimpses of Kingsley we got were just too delicious to not want more.

“What did he mean my shepherd is a wolf?...The wolf eats the sheed,” she said. “Should we, the sheep of Sacred Heart, be scared of you?”
“I only eat other wolves.”
“That’s a comfort I guess.”
“It shouldn’t be,” he said.
“Why not?”
Soren gave a look so dangerously hungry she’d almost describe it as wolfish.
“Because my Little One, you aren’t a sheep.”