Right Now

Right Now - Marie Hall “Sometimes all we have is right now. I don't know anything about anything Zoe but I want to be with you, I want to hang out and I was to see where this can go.”

I didn’t think there could be a young man who would bore into my heart the way Ryan from A Moment did. But Alex was just as beautiful, tortured and hopeless as the cousin he used to care for. We find Alex still living with Ryan, however, Lili and Javier have now moved in as well, and Alex is feeling the third the wheel, and not the wingman. Alex is also feeling a bit lost, his sole purpose in life used to be taking care Ryan, but now Ryan is better, and he has Lili to help him. So Alex is a bit in limbo now, and he’s now displaying several of Ryan’s former behaviors; i.e. drinking himself to oblivion, hooking up with random girls. One night, Alex sets out to take heed of the advice offered by his fortune cookie and “be opposite”. So clean cut, jock Alexander ‘The Golden Adonis’ Donovan walks into a tattoo parlour, and there he meets Zoe Stone, someone who is the embodiment of the fortune cookie’s advice.

Zoe Stone has changed drastically since she last saw Alex, For one thing, her name wasn’t Zoe, she wasn’t into piercings and tattoos, and she wasn’t able to speak to him either. Instead, Zoe was class valedictorian, wore glasses, had 0 tattoos and less piercings and was bound for an ivy league educational institution. But then she decided that please everyone but herself was causing her to waste her life away. So she changed, and became who she always wanted to be, she now pierces people, and hangs out in grunge clubs. When she talks Alex into a lip piercing, she doesn’t expect to ever see him again. But then he reaches out to her, and Zoe begins to fall for him all over again.

I think Zoe being who she is was essential to her relationship with Alex working. Zoe always saw that Alex was putting up a fake front. She’d always noticed the sadness in his eyes. She knew something dark lurked in him, and so she fought to get it out. She did everything possible to help Alex see that she cared for him. And almost blindly supported him no matter what he was doing. I think that the best moments of this book were their dates. Going to the fair, getting burgers, going to the movies, these scenes were always so much fun and just carefree, even though sometimes Alex’s mind would go back to that dark place. The chemistry between these two was always jumping off the page, The dual POV helped to propel the story in a way that was never cliched annoying or frustrating. I loved every moment of this book, even the really sad ones. I am so happy that both Ryan and Alex are fully recovered, and now have their own HEAs.