Carter Reed

Carter Reed - Tijan Top Ten Reasons Why Carter Reed Blew My Freaking Mind!

10. Dual POV. I did love getting a glimpse into the enigma that was Carter Reed, however, I definitely would’ve been way more happy if we got a little bit more of him. I thought that it wasn’t so much a dual POV as much as it was a few chapters that had Carter’s take on the the events that were occurring.

9. The complications of the relationships in this book, it was just so convoluted, but it felt more realistic than most. When you start to unravel what was really occurring with all of the characters it felt like there was always something missing, something that was missed but when I went back I realized the signs were always there, I just didn’t know they were signs.

8.This book hit the ground running. The opening scene of this book sets up for a non-stop, heart-pumping adrenaline rush of a book. Every time I thought it can’t get more intense than this, it did just that. It got more intense.

7. The Mob connections, um that stuff gets me so hot and bothered that I can’t even begin to think about it without shivering. And I enjoyed the brutality of the book, it was so raw and just in your face with it.

6. This well thought out histories amongst the characters. It is very apparent that the author thought this book all the way through. Each character had a history that played into the overall plot of the book, and it never felt like a stupid coincidence, but instead, because the character traits of the leads, they would indeed decide to have these people around them.

5. The line “I would declare war for you” This needs no explanation.

4. No unnecessary or stupid arguments. There was no point in the book where I rolled my eyes thinking ok, get over with this scene already. The storyline never felt dragged, instead every issue was put on the table, and dealt with quickly and succinctly, I freaking loved that part of the book. It’s something that has been missing from some of the books I’ve read lately.

3. Awesome and complex supporting characters. I loved that there were people in Emma’s life (and Carter’s) who were not all enamoured by Carter. I loved that they were scared, and apprehensive, and outright hated Carter. I also loved that there were people in Carter’s life who weren’t with him because of his reputation, but because of his caring and giving spirit. I loved each of the supporting characters who helped to shape this amazing story.

2. Emma, I loved Emma as a female lead. I think she was just so fantastic. She was strong, and naive, but never stupid. She was so brave, and I love that once she fell for Carter, she never ever tried to change him or their circumstances. She accepted Carter for whom he was and loved him just that way. She never complained about what they had to give up, or how she might have to live. Emma was a fighter, and she would fight till the end for her Carter Reed.

1. CARTER REED. He is a badass, a mobster, a millionaire, an unrelenting alpha, a sweetheart, a caring soul, and just the best ever.

My one major complaint?
The sex was not as hot as Carter. And that was disappointing. Even so, I can’t remove that 5th star from this book.

Overall great book. It was just a wonderful, fun, nail-biting, heart-wrenching, ride, but I would climb on again any time.