Night Pleasures

Night Pleasures  - Sherrilyn Kenyon So this was the second of the series, and I have to say I loved maybe a little more than the first. The emotions were still running so high throughout this book. I think I love the myth of the dark hunters. The idea that they live by this strict Code, and they cannot have human relationships is such a great premise for a series. I think most of all I liked that Kyrian had never been loved before. I think that was just the catalyst for such a great story.

So Kyrian of Thrace was born a prince, and died a warrior after the betrayal of his wife who he loved so much, but who proved the feeling was not mutual. I loved Kyrian, he was so funny, and fun to be with. I think his other relationships both with his other Dark Hunters as well as well the humans in his life showed what a great heart he had.

Amanda was born into a family of people who had supernatural powers, but after losing her last boyfriend to her crazy family, she decided she just wanted normal. Which sucks because she meets and falls hard for Kyrian. I love when a woman fights to take care of her man. Especially when that's the last thing he wants her to do. But Amanda loved Kyrian and she was determined to help him heal from the scars that have been left by so many others all those years ago. It definitely made her a great female lead for me.

Overall great second book, I can't wait to jump into the others.