Welcome to Sugartown

Welcome to Sugartown - Carmen Jenner So this book was nothing like I expected. I felt like the beginning was super light, and sweet and funny, and to be honest it kinda dragged on for a bit, and then…



And I have to say it was the drama that made me knock a star off this rating. I think that Ana just went from being this cool confident girl, to this whiny, jealous, self-centered bitch! I was really not happy with the way she treated Elijah for the second half of the book.

Now Elijah Cade can ride into my town any day of the week. I loved him, he had this cool, calm, quiet persona that really was just so freaking HOT! It was clear from the get go that Elijah was harboring some serious secrets, but even amongst those, he was so sweet, and caring. The way he courted (yes courted it was more than dating but they weren't having sex) is something that doesn’t happen very often in contemporary books, but it was so clear that he really liked her, and that he saw something special about her.

I thought Holly was just an excellent supporting character, she was so funny, and so supportive of her best friend, that was what I loved about every scene she had in the book.

So overall, this is a great book, it was darker than I expected, but not too dark, plus all the jokes, really helped to lighten the mood. I loved Elijah, but Ana was a disappointment for me, but I think this book is definitely worth the read.

Also, definitely can't wait to pick up the next book cause Holly was so awesome, I can't wait to read about her!