Crossing the Line (Battered Hearts #3)

Crossing the Line (Battered Hearts #3) - Kele Moon So I started this series, as a rnadom pick of NetGalley books, and while I liked Clay and Melody's story. It was Romeo and Jules who stole my heart. But with every successive book, we get to the Garnett crew a little bit better, and I fall for them a bit more. Wyatt Conner had the most intriguing story of all. Reading the last book made me want an HEA for him so badly.

The complexity of this book astounded me. I couldn't believe that we were actually getting so much back story of Clay, Jules and Wyatt. And also I never saw Wyatt be this awesome before. It was so clear that he'd loved Tabitha for such a long time, that somewhere along the way he'd lost himself in their love. And the fact that he waited 13 years for Tabitha was just heart breaking, and the revelation of what he believed caused her to leave was so sad, and even worse was what she actually had to endure, just really made this book so emotional. I was so happy though to finally get to meet and know Sheriff Fred Conner, I think Jules and Clay had both mentioned him, but actually seeing him raise his kids just brought the story full circle. I have to also say that reading what happened Clay kinda makes me want to go back and read the first book all over, just to get a better picture of him. I loved this story, it really moved my heart, and I loved that there was more Nova, Tino, Jules and Romeo, I think that all these characters are just so perfect together.

Loved this book!

Also it was a pleasant surprise to know that this ended with a Christmas scene, right around the holidays. It was just a perfect ending.