Knight & Day

Knight & Day - Kitty French This is the kind of conclusion to a series all books should have, I have to say that Dylan Day and Kara Brooks definitely know how to heat up a room, or a boat, or bar or a store. I didn’t know how much much I missed Lucien and Sophie either. But they were just as hot, and fun as they were in the previous books.

Dylan Day is running from something, and its big, so big its pushed out the USA and landed him in Ibiza, Spain. It is there he comes into contact with Lucien Knight and his wife, and her best friend. I loved how take charge Kara was. She laid out her intentions, and then just went for it, wholeheartedly. I loved her Dylan together. Their relationship felt organic, and just so amazing.

Lucien and Dylan also developed a very loving relationship, and the bromance banter, was more than fun. I liked that Jucien actually had a real friend for the first time. Sophie and Kara were just as close as ever, and the girls are now successful business owners as well.

Overall I’m sad to see these characters go, but I have to say that I can’t wait for more from Kitty French.