French Roast (Dare Valley)

French Roast (Dare Valley) - Ava Miles This book was just what I expected. It was really about the relationships that are so important to all our lives, and how we have to sometimes make sacrifices to have the relationships that mean the most to us.

Jill and Brian have been best friends from kindergarten. They did everything together, and maintained their friendship until high school graduation night. But on that night everything changed. Brian told Jill that he had decided to attend culinary school in New York, and she stopped speaking to him. The didn’t speak for the next 8 years.

When Brian returns to town for mysterious circumstances, he immediately tries to rekindle his friendship with Jill. And Jill was so ready to give Brian another chance. But the obstacles that come in their way, were huge, and they had several hiccups along the way, but somehow they manage to both be happy at the end of the book.

“Eat Jill, I want to see what my food does to you.”

Brian was a man who just wanted to prove to all the people around him that he could make it as a chef, and though he returns home for a bad reason, he is still determined to be the best chef to come out of Dare, Colorado. I really liked how upfront he was with Jill about his feelings, and how open he was to being with her.

I thought Jill was a bit immature for someone her age. She had all these insecurities, but she never tried to tell Brian how she was really feeling at anytime. And that just frustrated me. It was really like he just wasn’t good enough no matter what he did.

The secondary characters were just great in this book. Jill’s sister, brother-in-law and grandfather are the nosiest family members ever! I have to say that they were all always in Jill’s business, but in a loving and funny way. Peggy stole the show thought. She is Tanner’s (Jill’s brother in law) little sister. She is a cop, and a single mom, and I loved her fire. I can’t wait for her book.

“Let’s do lunch. This is the best shopping spree ever! And I’m having sex this week. I am I woman hear me roars. Ok Mere, your turn.”
“I am reporter. Hear me scoop.”
“Good one. Now you Peggy.”
“I am cop. Hear me shoot.”

Overall, this was a good read. I deducted a star because the author made Jill do something that really pissed me off, cause it is so cliche. But it is a 4 star read, but I can’t allow those stupid jealousy scenes not bother me.