A Groom for Christmas

A Groom for Christmas - Cara Marsi
This novella was just the perfect Christmas story. I loved how the secrets of these two unfolded throughout the book. Almost like it was the peeling back of several layers. So Graceann Palmer has not had the best luck with men. Her fiance was found cheating on her, and now her best guy friend who has backed out of being her fake fiance for the Christmas holidays with her family. Graceann just wants her mother to stop trying to hook her up with ‘worthy’ guys. So when Jake “The Falcon” Falco walks into the diner that Graceann is having lunch in, she jumps at the opportunity to hire him to be her fiancee for the holidays.

Jake left town 12 years ago and hasn’t looked back since. From the wrong side of the tracks, he wanted to get as far from those horrible memories as possible. But now he’s back, and he;s there for a reason, that no one knows. I really enjoyed Jake. He was so hot, and sexy, and just overall a really great guy. It was clear that he’d noticed Graceann when they were in high school, but he never made a move, again because her family were very prominent.

The story in these pages is a sweet Christmas story, and I think the chemistry between Graceann and Jake was just a great mix. The mystery of why Jake is in town threw me for a loop but in a good way. This was the perfect Christmas novella, and it will be great to curl up to with a cup of hot chocolate.