Love Me Not

Love Me Not - Reese Ryan This book made me laugh, it made me cry, it made me despair,it made me hope. Jamie and Miles were the kind of couple you can’t even cheer on, cause you’re not sure that they would ever be able to work, but still you want nothing more than for them to have their HEA. The ups and downs of this book, just made me fall more and more for these characters, I was cheering for them at times, thinking that this couldn’t really be be happening at other times, and just being pissed off at yet other times, but all that drama makes for a wonderful read.

“Jamie charles was trouble with a capital T and a minimum of three exclamation points. Every fiber of his being knew it. So why was she all he could think of?”

Jamie is broken in the worst way ever. Her entire life people have thrown her way, including her parents. And though when she was 13 she was finally picked up, it had already been evident to Jamie that nothing lasts forever, especially love. She was adopted by the family of her best friend, and though her new parents tried their best with her, Jamie never felt like she belonged. Now, after battling with addiction, Jamie has decided to put her life back together, and now she has a nice place to live, and a steady job as a bartender, and one man threatens to have it all taken away from her. WHen Miles walks into the bar, Jamie has him pegged from the moment she sees him, he is a rich boy, born to money, and now making his own bank. She even knows what car he drives, just by looking at him. What she doesn’t know is that he’s going to love her like no one else ever has, and he’s never going to abandon her.

“I’m not your father, I’m not like the guys your mom dated. I’m not any of the guys from your past. I’m the man you gotten to know right here in that bar. The man who gets a kick out of making you laugh because it’s one of the most scintillating sounds I’ve ever heard. The man who sees how beautiful and brilliant you are. Who sees the person even you don’t see.”

Miles Copeland has always wanted to be his own man, he wants to prove to his cheating bastard of a father that he can make it in the world without him or his influence. When he gets transferred to the Cleveland Office he is looking for a fresh start, and he definitely finds it in the bar across the street from his office, and in the arms of Jamie. I love the way that Miles never saw Jamie as broken and instead, he sees her as a whole woman who has just been hurt in the past. I love how patient he is with her, and how he tries his best to do right by her, even when she’s pushing him away.

This was a great book, it had a great plot, well developed characters, and unforgettable stories, I must say that this is my first book by Reese Ryan, but I’m looking forward to many more.

***ARC provided by Carina Press via NetGalley***