Devil's Game

Devil's Game - Joanna Wylde OMG!!!!!





Move over whiny chicks who can't seem to understand the ropes of being an old lady!

Get out of the way guys who struggle with saying that they're done with the club whores and they are claiming their old lady no matter the cost.

I'd like you introduce you to Emmy and Liam.

I don't think I can ever enjoy an MC book as much as this one again. I have to say that every moment in this book was just priceless. it was so wonderful, and so much fun. And so incredibly what I think real MC lives are like. The characters were so funny, and scary at the same time. I thought that having them all be in the same book added to the experiecne. Seeing how war between clubs really come about. I loved the relationships that were in there as well. Emmy and Kit are the funniest sisters ever. Emmy and her dad, and his club. Liam and Skid, just the best bromance! I'm kinda sadd we didn't get to know Burke better, espcially because he was so important to Liam... but I'm sure he'll get his own book.

I freaking loved Emmy, she was the goodie-two-shoes of the Hayes sisters, but she had a backbone on her when she needed it. It was so clear that though Emmy loved her dad him being President of the Reapers was difficult on her. She wanted a little bit of freedom from the overprotective life that she'd always had. And so she started looking for companionship in the place that all overprotected girls Big mistake. She meets Liam.

"I promise," she said softly, biting her lip. "I will never shoot you by accident."
"That's less comforting that you'd think."

Now Hunter has had a hard life but though we get glimpse he's definitely not into talking about that life, and I can respect that, I feel that's how an actual MC badass would deal. But his hard life has sure turned into into a badass mofo. I think what I liked most about Liam was the fact that he cared, and even when things got super complicated, he did the small things to show just how much he cared. And I loved LOVED LOVED LOVED how he claim Em, and firstly to his club, even before he told her, he told them, straight up, to hell with the consequences, that was huge. And it made him even more awesome.

"If it wasn't for what happened last night - if you didn't need me to convince the club it wasn't the Reapers - would you still let me have her?"
"Romeo and Juliet died son. Consider that all the answer you need."

I get that this was a Romeo and Juliet story, but this was also an intense action-packed,kick ass time. This was just such a refresher from most MC stories that tend to be super dark, and super depressing, I loved every moment, even the dark ones, it wasn't so bad that you had to look away, I also really liked the leads, adn the supporting cast. I can't wait for the next book!