Take the Heat: A Criminal Romance Anthology

Take the Heat: A Criminal Romance Anthology - Skye Warren, Pam Godwin, Shoshanna Evers, Giselle Renarde, Tamsin Flowers, Elizabeth Coldwell, Cynthia Rayne, Trent Evans, Audrey Lusk, Sheri Savill 3.5 Stars

I think that this compilation is more than a little DARK its very dark, but most of the stories are so short its hard to really understand or enjoy the characters, especially in light of the dark nature of the content of this book (pun intended). But there were a few stories in here that really got me, even made me tear up, and the sex though dark was usually hot. This is not for everyone but if you like a walk on the dark side give these stories a try, I think they would be perfect for a short vacation read, since there are so many individual stories in here, it would be great since you don't need to concentrate.