Immortal in Death (In Death 03)

Immortal in Death (In Death 03) - J D Robb Why can't I ever figure out who the killer is?

Because JD Robb is freaking awesome, not even a clue until 96% what the hell man?

I have to say that this book was little bit different from the first two. Eve really battles those demons, and let me tell you it had me crying. This book was really emotionally driven. It was so deep, so many things were being thrown at Eve and as a result at Roake. More than any other book so far (I know I have a long ways to go), I have to say that this was so beautiful to see this relationship take the strides it did. Seeing Eve finally know the entire story of what happened to her, was so hard to read, but it was also so necessary as she and Roake took the next step in their lives. I love Roake I have to say that out and out, but his love of Eve makes me undoubtedly envious. The way he loves her, the way he understands her, and wants to make her better it is truly beautiful.

I can't wait to start the next one...