Captivated: Letting GoSeize the Night

Captivated: Letting GoSeize the Night - Megan Hart;Tiffany Reisz ARC provided by Harlequin via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

Firstly, I have to say that I love these authors, they both have really unique methods of writing, ones that nail a punch and ofen times leave me at a lose for words, but I keep coming back for more, because these are the kinds of books that stay with you for life. These two short stories were just as awesome. (Ok almost as awesome)

Letting Go by Megan Hart

Colleen is a woman who has been hit hard by her divorce from a verbally and emotionally abusive husband. She has left it all behind, but her ex continues to try to break her down, and on some nights he succeeds. He has left in a state of confusion and insecurity to the point where she can't even see a kind gesture without thinking that someone has ulterior motives. Jesse is a bartender who is trying to just help out the lady who comes in every Thursday night and orders a whiskey which she never drinks. He does get rejected for trying, but there is something that draws him to her. I think the fact that Megan Hart can develop such an intense relationship between these two people in such a small amount of time is just another attribute that is unique and special about her. Jesse and Colleen's relationship is slow moving but at the same time, it is so deep. I loved the fact that he is everything that she needs, and that he is so nonjudgmental about her needs. Also, as with most MH books the sex is off the charts hot, and I loved that about it, especially because of Colleen's past. I would've loved to have had a full book with these two, but I'm more than satisfied with the short that I got.

Seize the Night by Tiffany Reisz

First of all I have to say that the for the first time since reading Romeo and Juliet that one and only time in eight grade, I actually want to pick up the play again. TR has a way of making you question everything you've ever believed about everything you know, and this short story was no exception. I loved every moment. But I have to say that it really was Merrick (the lead's assistant) who stole the show and my heart. While Remi and Julien were super awesome, adn great as leads, I loved every second that I got to spend with Merrick. I think this was just a really creative and thought-provoking look at this classic and overdone story. I loved the angle that the author used to portray all of these timeless characters. More than that I just loved that while these were based on another work of literature, there was something very unique and special about each and everyone of them. I like that it was Remi who went after Julien, and I loved his back story, I think that TR write just the best female leads cause they are always so in control yet awesome and sweet at the same time. I think that this was a great spin on the Shakespearean tale, but then again I expect no less from the author that brought me Soren Sterns and Nora Sutherlin and Kingsley Edge.

I got this as an arc however, I have already ordered the paperback, because this needs to be added to my collection, that is for sure.