Ride Steady (Chaos)

Ride Steady (Chaos) - Kristen Ashley Just when I thought KA couldn't write a book to take my breath away, she did! I think this was one of the best books I have read for the year thus far. I thought that Joker and Carrie were fantastic leads for this story. Not only that but I could feel their connection from the beginning. I think KA just knows how to set up a couple more than anyone else, she does the best Prologues and Epilogues that I have ever read, and this story was no exception.
Here we have it these two people who had only one tiny moment in the past, and when they reunite, it is so beautiful. I think Joker might just be my favorite KA Badass of all time (I am so sorry Luke and Ty), he has it all, he is so freaking hot, he is willing to open up for his girl, he is willing to do anything to make his girl happy, and he is great with kids off the bat. I could not believe how amazing he really was. Joker on the outside and for the longest time to his brothers, was just shell, a man who didn't talk much, or who didn't want much, he lived at the club house, worked on the custom vehicles for the club, and he was a brother and an underground fighter, but that was the most that anyone knew about him. And then he helps out a poor young single mother who has a flat tire on the side of the highway and everything changes.
Carissa has not had the most stable life, losing half her family before she was 18, then having a dick for a boyfriend and then husband later and losing everything, and then she was found herself alone with a baby to care for, but somehow Carrissa being who she was, just put it in her mind that she could do it, and would make it through. I think the climax of this book happened when she realized who her knight in shining armor was, I think it was the perfect moment for her to have a hissy fit and really make things difficult but she didn't cause she is just that kind of woman. I loved her nickname, I think Butterfly is beautiful and kind, and very very very appropriate for Carrie.
I haven't felt the need to immediately reread a book as much as felt it today! I can't imagine how KA is going to top this one, but just reading this gives me hope!
If you were having doubts READ THIS BOOK ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS WORTH IT.