Don't Deny Me: Part Three: A Novel in Three Parts

Don't Deny Me: Part Three: A Novel in Three Parts - Megan Hart So I got really scared towards the end of this book, cause we were at 87% and they were still not TALKING to each other about things that mattered!!!!!!!!!!

But I think that Alice was ultimately the one who had to make the first move, it had always been her, and she needed to be the one who had to talk first. I knew Mick would never do it, and I thought Alice would be an idiot to let this happen this way.

I have to say this, the one thing that I have constantly praised MH for is writing about real people, and more than anything else, this was a story about what can really go wrong in a relationship when people assume things, when people don't see that the other person is doing their best. It ultimately is what will happen if one of the two people isn't willing to put themselves out there. I also think another big problem was that Mick didn't know that him being afraid to say things to Alice was a hindrance, he thought he was doing all these things for her, but the truth was she didn't need any of those things, she needed him to talk to her and tell her that he loved her, and that he wanted to be with her. I think this entire series was really a lesson in the need for us to know ourselves, and to be upfront about the things we want and the things we need.

Well done MH!