Tough Love

Tough Love - Lori Foster Another wonderful story in this series, I think I liked Vanity from here intro in Yvette's book, I love a BFF who will drop everything to support her friend, and one who is so much fun is even better. I have to say that these two were very teasing but not as steamy as I was hoping. I think that Stack was a great hero he was so sweet and caring, and I loved his relationship with his mom and sister (though I didn't really like them so much). I have to say that Vanity and Stack had such great chemistry, but I could understand why they had so many disagreements, they both had been burned in the past. I just loved the scenes when they were playful and together, Stack is just such a good guy, and Vanity really deserves ad good guy. I hope we get to see a few more snippets of these two in the future. I also really liked Tabitha who is Stack's sister, I mean she made some seriously stupid decisions, but I think that she s on a good track right now, so I hope she too gets her HEA, because it would make Stack so happy.

I have to say once again I CANNOT WAIT FOR ARMIE'S BOOK I NEED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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